Dish POS by Metro

Elevating Support Infrastructure

The Challenge: Elevating Support Infrastructure Across the Board

DISH by METRO, a prominent player in the hospitality sector, envisioned a comprehensive overhaul of their support infrastructure. Their ambition was clear – to seamlessly migrate critical functions such as CRM, Sales, Helpdesk, Procurement, Purchases, and Inventory to the powerful platform Odoo.

Our Role as Business Analysts and Odoo Implementation Technical Leaders

As the chosen architects of this transformation, our role as Business Analysts involved diving deep into DISH's existing processes, understanding their unique challenges, and crafting a tailored roadmap for the Odoo migration. Simultaneously, as Odoo Implementation Technical Leaders, we spearheaded the development and the deployment of this intricate infrastructure shift.

Following SCRUM methodology with emphasis on collaboration, the interaction between our team, DISH stakeholders, and end-users facilitated constant feedback loops. This real-time communication not only kept the project on track but allowed for adjustments based on evolving needs and priorities. 

SCRUM's commitment to open communication was instrumental in maintaining alignment and ensuring that the end product met and exceeded expectations.

Powerful Solutions Tailored for the Hospitality Industry

At DISH, the product line needs to cope with the diverse businesses in the hospitality realm – from quaint cafes to expansive restaurants. Their tailored solutions were designed to streamline operations, ensuring a seamless integration of Odoo accross various facets of their business.

A Global Impact: By the Numbers

DISH by METRO is not just a local player; it's a global force. Providing services to more than 320,000 restaurants and facilitating over 2,165,000 reservations, DISH operates in 15 languages, making it a cornerstone in the international hospitality scene.

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