Meet Our Team!

Jerome Sonnet

General Manager

With over two decades of experience spanning finance, risk management, actuarial science, and IT, Jerome boasts a solid track record in leading complex fintech projects. Known for building initiatives from inception to success, they excel in forming strategic partnerships, navigating regulatory landscapes, and engaging stakeholders effectively. Their expertise in Odoo ERP, agile development, and cloud architecture drives operational efficiency, complemented by fluency in French and English for seamless global communication.  

Aqeel Ali

Business Developer

With over 10 years in Business Development across diverse industries, including his current role at Letzdoo, is a dedicated, methodical professional. Known for excellent interpersonal skills and teamwork, he eagerly learns and adapts, seeking new responsibilities with reliability. Aqeel's dynamic approach, determination, and decisiveness drive him to identify and capitalize on opportunities effectively.

Dan Raoelinarivo

Senior Odoo Developer

A seasoned Senior Odoo Developer, plays a pivotal role at Letzdoo, bringing extensive experience and essential skills to our operations. His expertise is instrumental in delivering crucial developments that meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring effective solutions and enhancing overall efficiency. Dan's profound knowledge and commitment make him an invaluable asset, driving success and innovation in our projects.

Muhammad Umer

Odoo Certified Consultant

He is an Odoo certified consultant, leads Letzdoo's dedicated team of Odoo Support and Service professionals, providing exceptional client service. With his expert guidance, they deliver tailored solutions that optimize business processes and enhance operational efficiency for our clients. Muhammad's strategic insights and leadership ensure that Letzdo remains at the forefront of delivering high-quality Odoo implementations and ongoing support, meeting the diverse needs of our clientele effectively.

Our Support Team

Letzdoo's Support Team is the backbone of our client service fully dedicated to customers using Odoo. As the first line of support, their capabilities are truly remarkable. They possess an innate ability to attentively address client needs and consistently meet deadlines with precision. Their dedication ensures that every client receives prompt, effective assistance, making them an invaluable resource for seamless ERP solutions.

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